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Talitha Cumi Safe Haven is READY FOR 2023. Scroll & BROWSE to learn more about our efforts & mission.

CHRIS CUOMO PRESENTS: Special guest & world renown Iyanla Vanzant shares a very candid discussion about the ways to overcome/survive the struggles in life. Coping is a process & take a look to see steps she shares 

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The Dangers of Poor Air Quality in CT & Abroad

No parent should have to watch their child struggling to breathe, but that is the devastating reality for my family and that of many others. Our daughter had asthma as a child. An attack could be triggered by poor air quality, a high ozone day, or the dirty fumes of a diesel truck. The beginnings of a cold could develop into a cough, a wheeze, and a fight for air as her lungs filled with mucus. Our family spent long nights in fear as she grew worse, ending in ambulance rides to the ER. Our daily lives were built around managing the disease to keep her in a safe environment; we even drove her to school to avoid her breathing in the fumes from the diesel school bus.  

Air pollution is a serious threat to public health. Besides causing or worsening asthma, a host of respiratory illnesses, and lung cancer, it is linked to heart disease, neurological disorders, preterm births and thousands of premature deaths annually.

Connecticut has some of the worst air quality in the country. This is especially true in our cities and areas of congested traffic, where asthma rates are soaring. Emissions from cars, trucks, and buses are the greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions in our state at nearly 40 percent. Pollutants from transportation include particulate matter (PM), nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), benzene, and formaldehyde. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE 

Bill Henry endorses Zeke Cohen for City Council President 

Given the number of times Nick Mosby has publicly showered praise on Comptroller Bill Henry and how the two stood side by side in opposition to the BGE conduit agreement last February, Henry’s endorsement today of Zeke Cohen as City Council president comes as a political eyebrow-raiser.  Cohen, who represents Fells Point, Canton and Highlandtown as First District councilman, is challenging Mosby, who is seeking a second term as the city’s second highest elected official in next year’s elections.  Strolling along the 28th Street Bridge, Henry announces his endorsement this way in a video sent out by Cohen’s campaign:

“This is what I’m looking for in city leadership – people who know how to break down barriers and connect communities.”  As Cohen materializes by his side, Henry says, “Zeke is the kind of leader who brings everyone in the room together, and helps them find ways to move the city forward at a time when we really need that the most.”  The camera then pans over to Cohen, who echoes Henry’s soothing words:  “Baltimore deserves leaders who build bridges instead of tearing each other down. That’s why I’m so proud to have the support of my dear friend and our Comptroller, Bill Henry.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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AI In Mental Health: Opportunities And Challenges In Developing Intelligent Digital Therapies

August 8, 2023


Clinicians, therapists, and researchers are increasingly finding that artificial intelligence (AI) can be a powerful tool in the provision of mental healthcare. As I will cover in this article, a growing body of evidence suggests that AI can help with diagnosing conditions, developing therapies, and enabling more personalized approaches and treatments.


Talitha Cumi provides room & boarding for women in need of emergency and/or scheduled housing placement in a transitional home setting. To learn about room availability for women who are overcoming substance abuse or homelessness, please click below 

Housing & Shelter

Addiction and recovery does not have to be viewed as a dismal process for women seeking sobriety. Talitha Cumi prides itself in maintaining an effective and full-proof program for women seeking to sustainability off drugs and alcohol. Click below to learn how we transform lives.

Addiction Counseling
Mental Health 

Talitha Cumi is dedicated to providing intervention for every aspect of addiction and this includes effectively addressing mental illness. This is a very critical impediment that impacts most substance abuse victims. It is our firm belief that improving mental health through a series of effective interventions can reverse this rising problem.


Please take a moment to send a donation to us. Our organization survives and thrives as a result of generous donations & contributions from those seeking to support a worthy cause. All donations are tax-deductible and we can provide proper documentation for your contribution.

Portland's addiction recovery services overwhelmed as drug overdoses spike

August 8, 2023

PORTLAND, Ore. — Drug overdoses have spiked in the Portland metro over the last couple of years, and life-saving addiction recovery and treatment services – including withdrawal management programs - are in short supply.

Will a recession decide the outcome of the 2024 election?

August 7, 2023


During Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, strategist James Carville famously wrote on a whiteboard in the war room “The economy, stupid” — in large letters to keep it at the front of the campaign team’s minds.  The economy was just coming out of a recession that had left unemployment stubbornly high.

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