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Talitha Cumi Safe Haven is READY FOR 2023. Scroll & BROWSE to learn more about our efforts & mission.

TED TALKS FEATURE: Learn how the pathology of childhood trauma affects a lifetime of personal health & wellness. 

(Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to this video feature. All footage is courtesy of Ted Talks via You Tube media)


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Maryland welcomes its 1st African-American Governor (Wes Moore)

Governor Moore's proposed budget to support law enforcement and public safety includes:

  • $122 million in aid for local police departments, including $17.5 million dedicated to Baltimore City, and expansion of the Office of the Attorney General and the Office of the Public Defender; 

  • Nearly $69 million in direct local law enforcement grants; 

  • $35 million in General Funds for Victims of Crime Act funding; 

  • $18 million for the Correctional Officers and Parole and Probation Agents retention incentive bonus program; and 

  • $8 million and more than 40 additional positions to expand the State Police Gun Center and Firearms Licensing Division.

BALTIMORE, MD. (Thursday, September 1, 2022) - Today, Mayor Brandon M. Scott announced the third round of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant awards from the Mayor’s Office of Recovery Programs (MORP) to nonprofit organizations focused on community development, including affordable housing, youth services, and food insecurity.

The awards – totaling just over $13 million to 15 different organizations – span the Scott Administration's priority pillars outlined in the Mayor’s Action Plan, including building public safety, equitable neighborhood development, prioritizing our youth, and clean and healthy communities.

"This next round of funding sends a clear statement that we are deeply committed to supporting organizations that provide critical services in and for communities throughout Baltimore," said Mayor Brandon M. Scott. "Baltimore’s renaissance is contingent upon the incredible work our nonprofit community does day in and day out on behalf of our residents. We are proud to leverage ARPA funds to advance our shared vision for a Baltimore that ensures the safety, economic opportunity, and social support for all Baltimoreans regardless of zip code, ethnicity, or sexual identity."

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DISCLAIMER: We do not own the photo rights. Governor Wes Moore image courtesy of Wall Street Journal ( Mayor Brandon Scott image courtesy of WBAL news.  

& Resources
Tracking the opioid crisis: Inside the DEA's secret lab

February 5, 2023


CNN — 

Sitting among the warehouses of Dulles, Virginia, is one of the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s forensic labs...


Talitha Cumi provides room & boarding for women in need of emergency and/or scheduled housing placement in a transitional home setting. To learn about room availability for women who are overcoming substance abuse or homelessness, please click below 

Housing & Shelter

Addiction and recovery does not have to be viewed as a dismal process for women seeking sobriety. Talitha Cumi prides itself in maintaining an effective and full-proof program for women seeking to sustainability off drugs and alcohol. Click below to learn how we transform lives.

Addiction Counseling
Mental Health 

Talitha Cumi is dedicated to providing intervention for every aspect of addiction and this includes effectively addressing mental illness. This is a very critical impediment that impacts most substance abuse victims. It is our firm belief that improving mental health through a series of effective interventions can reverse this rising problem.

Study: Md. will need massive investment in low-income housing retrofits to meet aggressive climate goals

January 31, 2023

As Maryland moves tentatively toward meeting aggressive goals over the next several years to combat climate change, the state will have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to retrofit homes and apartment buildings occupied by low- and middle-income residents...


Please take a moment to send a donation to us. Our organization survives and thrives as a result of generous donations & contributions from those seeking to support a worthy cause. All donations are tax-deductible and we can provide proper documentation for your contribution.

New lawsuits target state restrictions on abortion pills

January 25, 2023


Supporters of abortion rights filed separate lawsuits Wednesday challenging two states’ abortion pill restrictions, the opening salvo in what’s expected to be a protracted legal battle over access to the medications...

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