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Talitha Cumi offers programs and services in addition to transitional housing. These services are designed to equip women with life skills needed to gain a fresh start in life. Some of our services are made possible by grant funding and donations. We are a non-profit organization in Maryland with a reputible background in substance abuse and addiction recovery.

Housing Services​

Provide short and long term room and boarding to women in need of an extended recovery program. Services are available for homeless victims. No boarding for children at this time.

​Educational Services

Provide computer application class, parenting class, GED, and life skills programs for women lacking sufficient skills and abilities in these areas. The goal is to make women proficient and competent in these areas as they re-engage in the workforce, their communities, and with their families.

Counseling Services

Provide intervention counseling and group therapy for mental illness and addiction needs. Services are provided by licensed professionals and spiritual guidance is a significant component offered through this service.​

Etiquette Services

These services involve women being reintroduced to common practices related to household living. Women are taught basics of domestic engineering and household management. These skills help prepare women who enter the program for short term until they transition to independence.  

Outreach Services

Host and conduct outreach activities in the community, local public schools, and partnering with other organizations. These activities include feeding the homeless, clothing drives, blanket drives, and volunteering. Community services hours are rendered for women who need to earn this obligation. 

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

-Vince Lombardi


Community Health Partnerships

For primary care, pediatrics, specialized health, and mental health intervention shown below are the community health sites we recommend:

Jai Medical Center

4340 Park Heights Avenue

Baltimore (410)542-8130

Park West Community Health Center

4120 Patterson Avenue

Baltimore (410)764-2266

ER7 Urgent Care

2400 Cylburn Avenue

Baltimore (410)617-8420

There are several local pharmacies in the area near our program. These locations provide quality medication and services to those in need of pharmaceuticals:

Lifeline Pharmacy

6821 Reisterstown Road (#207)

Baltimore (410)764-6500

Refua Pharmacy

6404 Reisterstown Road

Baltimore (410)585-0055

Rite Aid

4600 W. Northern Parkway

Baltimore (410)358-9777

For laboratory services, specimen testing, and routine blood tests shown below are some of the labs we recommend for services:

United Westland

2835 Smith Avenue

Baltimore (410)415-5742


6821 Reisterstown Road

Baltimore (410)226-7888

Park Medical Laboratories

10577 Falls Road (Suite 200)

Lutherville (410)583-7133

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