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History & Mission

Talitha Cumi Safe Haven Ministries (TCSH) was developed to meet the needs of women who endured a history of repeated failures with addiction and incarceration.  Our mission and goal is to encourage and lead women into a life of total sobriety by way of holistic principles.  Talitha Cumi Safe Haven Ministries adopted the Regeneration Five Step Principle Module as the curriculum for the recovery program participants. 


Step 1—Spirituality:  Self-respect is the most crucial aspect of one’s life.  Women have to be taught how to respect, love themselves, and recognize there is a greater force who exists and loves them unconditionally (GOD).  Providing the necessary guidance with personal growth so women can experience an encounter with their own inner being that leads to the gateway of sobriety.  The 12 Steps of Recovery is Salvation (deliverance) through Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to provide assistance in the transformation process so women can recognize there is a greater purpose for existing and help them identify their gifts and talents so they are able to help others.

Step 2—Education:  We utilize all external resources for the development of women in areas of education (GED or College), career development, and job placement.


Step 3—Social:  Reconnecting the fundamentals of social interaction and life skills: Helping women plan positive activities centered around family, friends, and teaching them what it means to be committed, accountable, and responsible to others.


Step 4—Cultural:  The principle that women’s beliefs and activities should be respected and understood by others.  We teach women the key to breaking perpetual cycles is to build up their self-esteem.  Helping women with personal identity by way of cultural expressions and interpretive arts.

Step 5—Economic:  Teaching women the importance of how to increase wealth making wise decisions concerning their personal income.  Teaching the principle of sowing and reaping. Regeneration 5 Module © 2017


Our Team

Faith Young

Assistant Director 

Rhonda Anderson

Housing Manager

Florence Womack

Case Manager

Irma D. Miller

Executive Director

  1. Transitional Housing

  2. Grief Counseling

  3. Substance Abuse Counseling

  4. Outreach Services

  5. Computer Application Class

  6. GED & Tutorial Program (Education)

  7. Mentoring

  8. Parenting & Life Skills Class

  9. Job Training & Employment

  1. Abell Foundation

  2. Al Wylie Funeral Home

  3. JAI Medical Center

  4. Baltimore Child Abuse Center

  5. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

  6. Baltimore City Housing Authority 

  7. Behavioral Health System

  8. Dee’s Place

  9. Department of Social Services

  10. DH Consulting

  11. District Court - Wabash

  12. Division of Parole and Probation 

  13. Gaudenzia Park Heights

  14. Goodwill Industries of Chesapeake

  15. Grace Memorial Baptist Church

  16. Greater New Hope Baptist Church

  17. Zen Corp Federation

  18. Marion House

  19. Morton and Sophia Macht Foundation, Inc.

  20. Morgan Creative

  21. Martha's Place

  22. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

  23. Park Heights Neighborhood Association

  24. Recovery Network

  25. Second Antioch Baptist Church

  26. Sinai Hospital – Mt. Pleasant

  27. The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

  28. The Movement Team

  29. Total Health Care

  30. Turn Around Tuesday

  31. Springboard Community Services

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